PC Benchmark thread (Part Deux) - Firestrike

Nice numbers! Thanks for doing that, it's a huge jump from a 1080 comparing your numbers to Kit's earlier post with his 1080. Wow... That 1080Ti is some piece of kit!
Just picked up a Asus Strix OC edition 1080 Ti and ran Firestrike. The numbers are lower than I figured, I'm thinking the older CPU is starting to play a roll but not sure. Any idea's guys? edit: Looking at my previous post from summer with and without CPU OC, definitely plays a roll of about 500 more Firestrike points.

Back down to 3.33 Ghz from the mild OC I usually have, 18 GB of DDR3. I'll do another one with the CPU at around 3.75 Ghz and tweak the ram to 1600 (edit: I think it went 1805).

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Nice Kit. I think also with the Firestrike test running @1080p (and any games for that matter) the results will be CPU bound from what I understand. The 1080Ti really comes in to it's own @1440p and 4K. Anything before that and it's going to be twiddling it's thumbs waiting for the CPU. Congratulations on your purchase though you mad bastard lol
I was wondering why your Firestrike score was nearly 1200 below mine with an OC'ed card, until you posted about needing to OC your other components. I guess my 4790k isn't so bad after all given that it did an 18,889 with the CPU being at stock speeds.
Yeah Brainling, the CPU I'm using is older than the hills now, although still practical the upgrade bug is biting me. I'm seriously considering a Ryzen 1600x.

Your Haswell 4790k is a great chip with more years of life in it.
firestrike before overclock.jpg

firestrike after overclock.jpg

Well I've been playing around with overclocking my CPU to try and give it a little longer before I upgrade.

I managed to get the plucky little i7 2700K 3.5Ghz to a stable 4.5Ghz (5 hours running prime with no BSOD) and here are the results of running firestrike compared to my last run a year ago.

A substantial improvement to the physics score and a decent bump to the overall score. I'm already noticing the difference in games that are cpu heavy, so all in all pleased with the result.

Also pleasantly surprised nothing blew up... yet.

This 2700K is such a great chip! Thanks Duke :)
Some score updates since I did the full system overhaul to Z370 with an i7-8700K and 3200mhz DDR4. Video card is still my 1080 Ti FE.

Time Spy: old 8134, new 9332
Fire Strike Ultra: old 6662, new 6833
Fire Strike Extreme: old 12085, new 12783
Fire Strike: old 18889, new 22351

Cinebench R15
Old (4790K): 992
New (8700K) 1413

Old (4790K): 176
New (8700K): 192

With the 3DMark scores we clearly see that CPU matters less and less as the resolution goes up and your GPU is the bottleneck. At 1080p the 8700's extra oomph makes a huge difference. At 4K, not so much. The Time Spy score is a nice bump though so the 8700K has something to say about DX12.

The real interesting score to me was the single threaded score in Cinebench. My 4790K score was on a OC'ed 4790K with all cores at 4.7ghz. The 8700K score is stock (which for this test is still 4.7ghz because that's the 8700K's single core boost) and still wins. So there is clearly IPC gains with Coffee Lake.

Overall the 8700K is a monster chip.
Late to the party but very nice Brainling. I've said it for a couple years now but since Coffee lake came out and 6 core becoming mainstream (The 8400/8500 is bang for your buck incredible), this is the year I need to upgrade. I like to see your scores, gives me inspiration. :)

Zero support for socket 1366 now by mb manufacturers and Spectre/Meltdown no "fix" by Microsoft cause too old. Time to designate this old chip to HTPC status but I'm not in a big rush. Would almost prefer to wait for the new 10nm but delayed until sometime in 2019... Two+ years of delays.
Ok with my latest upgrade to CPU I ran Firestrike version 1.1. Updated to latest NVidia GPU drivers. No overclocking CPU at this point but I'm thinking in the future it's a distinct possibility, even going to liquid cooling for the first time.

Intel 6 core 8086K, 16 GB DDR4 Ram @3200, Asus Z370-E MB and same Asus 1080ti OC edition that I've had since April 2017. It went from 17 618 with no OC using old 6 core up to 23 105 with new 6 core and no OC. I kinda figured it would be boosted about 30%.


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