Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend

Mine are:
jerad. (the dot is important, some jerk already took jerad)
KawaiiestFuwwyy (don't ask, I was trolling someone I play with, with it. But this is my smurf)


I am slowly learning this, although there is a lot to try to figure out and the aim function seems too slow or probably I'm just not doing it right. But I am only working on the Situations, so it may be limited by the weaponry you have to use. Probably could use some coaching to get up to speed faster. I'll see if anyone's playing when I get online this weekend. Love the little drone, very cool :)
Oh hey Deb sorry if I missed ya online this past weekend. You can adjust the sensitivities separately in the menu. If you need a starting point I run 10 vertical and horizontal and 56 or 57 ADS sens with my mouse set to 800 DPI.

A quick way of figuring out what sensitivity works best for you is find a point on a map and strafe back and fourth and try to keep your crosshair on it. If your mouse is always falling behind then your sensitivity is too low and if you're overshooting it constantly then your sensitivity is too high, adjust in small increments until you can keep your crosshair on that spot fairly well. It won't be perfect because it takes practice to become accustomed to it and you will get accurate and quicker with your aiming as you play and get used to it.


NP, I have just been working on the situations so I can learn. Not sure at what point it makes sense to jump in with other players. Thanks, I can get the crosshairs on the spot generally but then moving it for very precise shots, like shooting someone through a window, after you press aim, is very slow. I'll keep working on it.
Oh just something I thought of, all the year 1 operators have been discounted a bunch, they're 15k renown instead of 25k renown. All the year 1 operators are Frost, Buck, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Capitao, Caveira, Hibana, and Echo.

Hibana is a pretty important one as she's one of two hard breachers and sees a lot of play. The others are more dependent on how you like to play.


Thanks @Jerad! I have made it to situation 8, so only 3 left. After that I should at least know enough to start multiplayer. Sorry I'm slow, don't have as much time to play as I would like. So many games, so little time :rolleyes: Not sure how much renown I have, I haven't been paying attention to that, just been figuring out how to play. Actually, quite fun, intense :) I adjusted my mouse so I can aim a lot better now. Really cool figuring out where the enemies are and how to take them down without loosing health. Favorite when I kill a shield enemy and hide behind their shield :cool:


Okay, I have finished all of the situations. That last one was intense, I think there were 20 enemies you had to kill and the ones hiding in the dark at end, crazy! So what's next, do the Terrorist Hunt?
honestly I have no idea, I got pulled in by friends that waited for nothing and we went straight into quick play until I hit lvl 20 and then started doing ranked.I haven't even completed the situations yet.

I do now use t hunt as offline warmup and practice to get my head in the right space before hopping in ranked play.


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@Jerad Deb and I are going to be online Tuesday night to play some Terrorist Hunt, if you're interested in joining we'd love to have you! Probably be on about 7:00PM CDT.

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