Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend

rewatching this video I just realized some of this info has changed a little with different nerfs and buffs and recoil changes that happened with the new season. But for the most part it's still good info though. I tend to default to vert grip, flash hider, and acog if it has an acog or a holo, but all the 1x optics boil down to preference. I just dislike the reflex and the red dot is generally considered bad because it blacks out a lot of the screen close to the dot.


Thanks @Jerad, I will take a look at this and try to catch some videos on PvP play.

@ElektroVodka, that was totally fun :) That game play was so different from when I play alone since protecting your health to get through all 22 enemies is critical by yourself. I would def like to try PvP. I think @afroducks has the game as well, so if he wants to play, we would have 5 for a PvP team.

@afroducks, you in???

Oh, I head to Petit Le Mans tomorrow morning, so won't be around this weekend, but could play again next Tuesday.
I'm down. Gotta be level 20 before you can jump into the ranked queue though and the first few games are pretty rough because your unranked matchmaking elo starts dead center at 2500.
No worries, I ended up derping around with some friends on my smurf account. Halloween skins and uniforms are being released next Tuesday so save up some renown for that :D

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