@Skid_Marc_ My stint times look fine. I'm probably 70/30 right now with my hip/back issues that I'll be able to race (so 70% likely), but you may want to create a backup schedule just in case I can't go, or can't complete all my stints.
I updated the OP with the new team info, and updated the Schedule with an actual Schedule tab. @Brainling @Deb @Kelley G @Kenadian @Nejtun @Noodleguitar make sure the times work for you.

Also, keep in mind that we have 7 drivers on the team, but we can only fit 6 drivers into the session at one time. Just something to be aware of, as someone on the team will always have to be outside of the session.
Thanks Marc, looks good to me. If one of the later stints disappears we can take that out of my triple stint near the end.

Ideally I'd be in the session for most of the race as I'd like to test the first version of the updated fuel schedules. But live updates probably won't be ready yet so it's not essential :)
Just to keep everyone in the loop, I won't be practicing tonight and will likely only practice very lightly tomorrow, just finalizing stuff like practicing a few pit entries and such.

If my back is going to limit me on hours in the sim, I'd rather spend them on race day. I know Daytona as well as I'm going to before Saturday.
Stints look ok for me thanks, although if someone has missed out somehow or wants more stints at the end when i am in then I don't mind losing them so everybody gets in a good amount of drive time!
I'll try and get a couple warm up laps in on that set tonight. I assume it's not too different? Again, trying to save my car time for the race tomorrow.
Awesome Job, I watched a good bit between Kens stream and Marcs and what I saw was Solid Stints some great driving and a great group of people laughing and enjoying themselves. Kelley the stint you pulled where we all the sudden we needed to know your life story, very nice man, way to stay focused and put in a solid drive. Happy for all of you with that finish. Who ended up with the Quickest lap of the race? Last I saw Marc still had that with I think 5 hours to go, anyways great Job guys and Gals.
Awesome race everyone. Amazingly positive experience as usual. @Deb don't worry about it, we all have bad days. Equipment failures, not feeling well, lack of focus, it happens to all of us.

@Big_J_29 I'm fairly certain Marc kept it with a 1:37 something. Marc was on fire yesterday, clean and quick.

And for a finale, I decided I really wanted to drive some more today...so I went and won an iLMS race in the Porsche 919 at Le Mans:
What a great weekend! Thanks everyone for driving this first event of the year and making it such a blast!
Everyone did a great job as well as most of us having our share of exciting moments :D. I don't think I have called out "don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me! " in such desperation before when I was facing backward down the track :D

Can't wait for the next one, Thanks @Skid_Marc_ for getting this organised once again at pretty short notice!

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