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Dishonored Review

As for the Story in Dishonored, it’s really difficult for me to adequately put into words because I have no idea how to fairly describe it.

Many games give you side quests that have you deviating from the main and while you may get rewarded to some degree for completing these objectives, they never really add too much to the overall experience. In Dishonored, side quests are every bit as interesting as the main story and only add much more color and depth to the world.

One particular side mission tasked me with trying to save a girls uncle from being poisoned, a task which I failed sadly. This task itself was not terribly important given the scope of the mission itself but I still found myself feeling badly for the woman that I could not save him.

Even now I wonder whether this failure on my part will influence the story later on down the road?

I’ve run into a few characters now where I actually cared about what happened to them and that is a rarity in any game. Some play seemingly small and insignificant roles in your tale but nevertheless manage to leave a lasting impression.

Combat is generally very satisfying with a number of options available to the player however this is where the game most drastically either rewards or punishes you for your style of gameplay. Taking down enemies stealthily and hiding their sleeping bodies will help keep the overall alertness of the guards at a lower level. Conversely, killing guards will result in more guards being present, their overall alertness being increased and even rats will increase in size and numbers.

Remember, this is a world riddled by plague so death is everywhere; if you add to it there will be consequences.

The ingame sounds are pretty well done as is the music. I wouldn’t give it the overwhelming review I did in Borderlands 2 but the sounds do work well and help breath life into the world of Dunwall. I can say however that the sounds once again made me feel some nostalgia for Half Life 2 although I can’t really put a finger on why?

A few minor issues aside, Dishonored is a game that is certainly worth playing. Many games claim to give the player freedom however don’t deliver as much when the player deviates from the norm which is where I believe Dishonored distinguishes itself above the rest.

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