Band of Others Racing Update #1 – GRAsim V8 Supercar League


The Band of Others Racing team made a bold, and somewhat unexpected, decision at the start off the 2015 Season 2 to start up a V8 Supercar team, competing in the GRAsim V8 Supercar League.

The upstart team initially brought an all rookie line-up led by a Canadian, Ken Lindberg, teamed with United States native, Marc Gammack.

Even before the first round, a second B2O Racing ‘B’ team was created and a third car was brought with the team for the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Superprix.

BoOG KandM2B2O Racing brought in local driver Dino Topic at the last possible minute; so last minute, in fact, that the only seat time he received before the car was rolled out on track, and to the back of the grid, was for his own seat fitting.

For their first start in the car, Ken and Marc impressed in qualifying, starting round one in 6th and 12th respectively.

After a mixed start, Ken and Dino worked their way up through the field, with Ken running as high as third and Dino working his way into the top- 10. The first round wasn’t without growing pains for the new team though, as an unfortunate incident for Marc resulted in front end damage and the driver lost two laps due to repairs.

DinoFollowing his mandatory pit stop, Ken found himself still inside the top – 5 when a loose wiring connection forced him to the garage where the team lost 4 laps repairing it. Dino, on the other hand, impressed everyone in attendance, bringing his Holden Commodore from dead last to a solid 6th place finish, and despite their mid-race issues, Marc and Ken still brought in top-15 finishes, accomplishing their original goal to “…just finish…”.

Week 2 brought about new driver news for B2O Racing! After a tense standstill in negotiations, the team was finally able to announce that they had reached an agreement with American Anthony Peeble! He would join Dino on the second B2O Racing team.

The duo made the trip across the pond, along with Marc from B2O ’A’, for the DoningtonGRAsimV8 Don1 Park Racing Circuit Superprix. Ken was to arrive separately, at the last minute, but his flight was unfortunately interdicted and he was forced to miss the race.

On track, all three B2O Racing drivers ran comparable qualifying times with Marc, Dino, and Peeble bunched together in 9th, 10th, and 11th. A rollercoaster of a race saw Marc and Dino switch positions multiple times before Dino finally triumphed over Marc for 9th place, with Marc right on his heels at the line.

Peeble weathered his first V8 Supercar race incredibly well, and after an intense race with Marc Meyers and Peter Hebron, brought home a hard earned 12th.

Week 2 ended on the bombshell that B2O Racing would be expanding to an unprecedented four teams. Starting with week 3, two new drivers would debut: Americans Ryan Casteline and Kyle Breen-Bondie along with a new, secondary paint scheme.

KyleRound 3 saw the teams arrive at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza Superprix and straight off the truck the two new B2O drivers showed their potential with Ryan qualifying in the 6th position and Kyle starting in 8th.

B2O ‘A’s Marc Gammack barely edged out teammate Ken Lindberg in a fight for 10th and 11th, and Dino took 13th.

The race started out a little rough, with four of the drivers having trouble in the first turn and only Kyle skating through mostly unscathed. Dino had a second spin a few laps later, due to a brake issue, which took him out of the race, and Ryan suffered a catastrophic drive-line failure.  Ken and Marc were able to rally back from dead last all the way back up finishing just outside the top-10 in 11th and 12th respectively.

On the upside, in just his debut race, Kyle played pit strategy to become the first Band of Others Racing driver to lead a lap this season, gaining him a couple bonus points, and, after running solidly in the top-10 for the entirety of the race, brought home a 7th place finish.

After three rounds, B2O Racing has two drivers in the top-10 in the Driver Standings and has teams in 4th and 6th in the Team Championship. Looking to the future, B2O Racing has hinted that, even at an incredible four teams, it may not be finished expanding yet! Also, new paint schemes are confirmed in the works to more easily differentiate between all the teams and should be debuted soon!

You can follow B2O through the season here, or join the drivers’ discussions, both reactions to previous rounds and preparations for the next round!

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