PhysX Install Failed

If you’re an NVIDIA GPU user, you’re likely no stranger to PhysX and if you’re lucky, you never experience any issues when installing or upgrading PhysX.

For those of you unlucky few who experience PhysX install failures, don’t waste your time contacting NVIDIA as the last solution offered is always to re-install your Operating System.

This is not to say you shouldn’t re-install your OS but for those of you on reasonably fresh and bug free OS installs such as me, there is another answer.

Since upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit about 3 months ago, I’ve had two different NVIDIA GPU’s in my rig. The first was an MSI N460GTX Hawk Twin Frozr II Edition with my latest card being an MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III. From day one I’ve had issues with PhysX install errors and never bothered to worry about it much as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, The Sims 3, Arkham City, DCS Black Shark 2, and a few of my other games ran fine without PhysX.

With the impending release of Mass Effect 3, I thought I’d try and finish off Mass Effect 2 (Legion died the first time around so I wanted to redo the mission and have him alive in ME3). To my surprise, ME2 would simply not load without PhysX and although I’m sure I could have messed with a .cfg file somewhere I much rather wanted to work out the PhysX issue once and for all.

In researching online what to do about PhysX failing I found many answers such as the following:

  • Install PhysX on its own from an older version or the same driver release that last worked for you.
  • Download and Run Numerous Registry Cleaners.
  • Edit your registry and delete all instances of NVIDIA.
  • Adjust and/or create new user accounts and/or edit permissions.
  • Remove and re-install your video card.
  • Try installing in Safe Mode.
  • Remove NVIDIA in Add/Remove Programs prior to installing new drivers (which you should be doing anyway).
  • Re-install your Operating System.
  • Buy an ATI card. As a side note, if you’re ever ignorant enough to offer this type of useless advice then you should be shot or at least sterilized.

After reading through countless posts on numerous forums I finally found a post on some obscure forum in page 3 of google that actually had the answer.

Download and install Fix It from Microsoft (it’s free) and have it repair the registry; after all it’s Microsoft’s Product that Microsoft is fixing. Search for the Software giving you issues in the program and tell it to fix it.

This program takes a few minutes to run but after it was complete, installing PhysX went without issue. I didn’t even bother rebooting after running this program and installed an older version of PhysX just to make sure it worked.

I then rebooted, uninstalled all instances of NVIDIA from Add/Remove Programs; installed the latest WHQL Certified Drivers and had no issues whatsoever.

I’m quite confident it will do the same for you.

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