R.I.P. Wolfgaming.net

Back several years ago, there was a Gaming Community like no other called Wolfgaming.net.

Wolfgaming.net not only featured some of the best and most fairly Adminned Gaming Servers Online, but also boasted a vibrant, young, Community Forum where you were not only a member but more a part of an online family.

For a number of years, Wolfgaming experienced moderate growth in both Community and Game Servers but the growth did not seem to stifle or de-personalize the Community Forum as many sites do as the memberslist expands. Wolfgaming also had a very knowledgeable Staff Team that deeply cared about the Community at all levels and took great pains to make sure the valuable members (the lifeblood of any Community) were happy.

This was the lighter side of Wolfgaming.net but there was a darker side as well; one that remained hidden to many.

The darker side of Wolfgaming.net was greed. At some point, a point that remains somewhat hazy to those of us who donated countless hours and in some cases, finances; ownership all but deserted Wolfgaming.net in the interests of carnal relations with a well known Game Developer and Publisher.

During this time, much of the remaining Staff Team took it upon themselves to continue in the perceived spirit of Wolf and continued to help grow Wolfgaming.

As with any Community there were ups and downs and challenges to face but for the most part, Wolfgaming had changed little over the years. Things continued on this path, members came and went but it was pretty much business as usual.

Then one day seemingly out of the blue, the owners appeared completely out of sorts and decided heads would roll at Wolfgaming. The decision behind this wasn’t so much business as it was personal and what ensued can only be described as utter chaos.

To those of us that were caught in the crossfire I can say with perfect clarity that the soul got sucked out of Wolfgaming as a result.

While some stayed behind and tried to heal the wounds, the damage was clearly done and many of us wondered when we would see the end of our once beloved Community.

That end seemingly came recently with the site just vanishing from the world wide web without so much a whisper as to why.

The death of Wolfgaming.net has brought with it a mixed bag of emotions which you can see if you peruse our “Is Wolfgaming finally done?” thread.

Fortunately what remains are many lasting relationships in the wake of what was once a fine gaming family and I’m sure we can all agree, thank God for that much.

Rest in Peace Wolfgaming.net; you will always be remembered for what once was before you decided to sacrifice people for dollars.

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