1. Skid_Marc_

    [Special Event] 2018 iRacing Le Mans 24h

    Preparation for the seventh endurance event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us! This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum! Track: Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France 13.63 km (8.47 miles) - 33 Turns Date: 18-19 August 2018 Race Times: Saturday...
  2. Skid_Marc_

    [PracticePals] 9 July 2018 - Week 5 Thoughts and Plans

    What is everyone thinking about doing for PracticePals, specifically tonight, but also for the rest of the week? We are down to the final 2 weeks before the #iRacingSpa24. Do you guys want to race Belle Isle this week in League, so that it doesn't get dropped from the season? or would you prefer...
  3. Skid_Marc_

    iRacing Fanatec GT Challenge - 2018 Season 2

    iRacing has split up ProtoGT, moving the HPD to the new Le Mans series, and renaming the GT1/GT2 series to the "Fanatec GT Challenge". I'd like to run this at some point, and was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in running this series on Wednesday night? Wednesday and Thursday...
  4. Skid_Marc_

    [TONIGHT 1/1/18] #PracticePals on Discord!!

    Hey everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable start to 2018! Tonight, Band of Others #PracticePals will be at Spa with the GT3 cars, as usual, but we are going to try to utilize our Discord server this time! For some of you who are already familiar with Discord, this shouldn't be a problem, but...
  5. Skid_Marc_

    ALERT: #PracticePals - Jan. 11th, 2017

    Hey guys, just wanted to throw this out to as many people on short notice, sorry!! A lot of us would like to get an IMSA race in tonight (Daytona - Night). Race time: 0245 GMT / 9:45p est / 6:45p pst I plan to be around at least an hour before the race to start practicing! This is only ~15...
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