****2018 Special Events (Endurance)****

Anyone mentioned below has no entry or not seen the schedule so far.
now that the official schedule is out, it may be easier for everyone to sort out when they can race or are ate work etc.
Don't want anyone to miss out so this is just for your attention :)
If I have missed anyone it might just be that you are new or I haven't seen you post so please shout at me if I have left your name out :)

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@Tobias Effey
@Kelley G
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I would likely be interested in Bathurst now since they are running GT3 instead of V8s. I will miss Sebring, have a vacation scheduled to leave on March 10.
I will totally do the Bathurst 12 hour. I love that track but don't really have fun in the v8's.

> Raised car limit to 6
> Announced only 4 cars for N24

Oh iRacing... why?!? Oh well...

Merc for me please, if possible.
I would take every car list you see there with a grain of salt. We know there are some new road cars coming this year, probably some big ones, and I would expect some of them to be in some of these races.


I just spoke to Bedo and he is in for Bathurst as well. So Nate could you add both me and Bedo to the rooster for Bathurst. Preference would be the Merc, but we can be flexible.
Gotcha Deb, if there are any others you want to put yourself in then everybody can edit the spreadsheet as they choose, so you can change your mind if you want for any of the races :)
Roar b4 24: Mustang or MX-5
Daytona 24: Ferrari GT3 or Ferrari GTE

Bathurst 12 hour: Ferrari or Merc GT3

Sebring 12 hours: Ferrari GT3 or Ferrari GTE

Nurburgring 24: Porsche Cup or maybe maybe Audi GT3

6 hours of the Glen Ferrari GT3 or Ferrari GTE

Kings Royal: 410 Sprints
24 hours of Spa: Ferrari or Mercedes GT3

24 hours of Le Mans: LMP 1 or GTE

Petit Le Mans: Ferrari GT3 or Ford GTE

Updated my schedule to reflect the released 2018 schedule. I'm kind of wondering if there will be more cars (GT3 specifically) added to the Nurb 24 event. Audi is the only posted GT3 car. I don't own it yet but haven't decided which class I want to run.
I think until the LMP1 cars ( which have already had their trailer ) are officially released we can take the schedule as read, base your car choices on the official schedule for now.

I am hoping @Skid_Marc_ is going to do the official opening post for the Enduros in the same style as he does for the league sessions so it looks a bit interesting as he has the track knowledge down , if not then you will get my shitty version instead :D

not gonna lie , I am quite excited for the endurance racing for this year, I am hoping you all are as well and I also hope some of the names that have been quiet recently are going to show up to take part!
I'm stoked. Can't wait for Daytona. Ordered a new face guard for my Oculus (because I've destroyed the one that came with it with sweat from endurance racing) and even got myself a nice bandana to absorb sweat so I don't have another Petit Lemans situation where I have to pit two laps early with sweat in my eyes lol.


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Now that the official Special Events calendar is out, can this be updated? Maybe even hyperlink events to their posts in the forum!

Could be handy, since this thread is pinned at the very top of the iRacing forum!

*Fingers Crossed: No Internal Server Errors, No Internal Server Errors, No Internal Server Errors....*:D
All the dates are (or should be) updated along with the time of day, I will get the rest of this done over the weekend with links and anything else for the first two and subsequent events as we move forward.

Also going to see if i can attach setups directly to the spreadsheet, I am hoping also that the fuel sheet that Noel usually does can be linked into this so we can have a one stop shop at the top of the forum leading to the all of the races for the rest of the year.

Also also, should be able to attach the paints for each vehicle as the teams are managed and finalised as well as having them in TS filebrowser so people can choose whichever method of grabbing the information they are comfortable with.

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