Arma 3 B2O Community Campaign 10/13/18

I'll try to join as much as possible during the weekends. During weekdays i work quite late. Not sure about tonight but you might see me later.

I could also use some help with the task force radio install.
I've never done the teamspeak plugins thing myself. Even when i played arma 3 life i let a friend set it all up for me.
I'll try to do it today or tomorrow but TS has never been nice to me with these things. I'll let you know if i can get it sorted.

anyone playing tonight?


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Yeah i am in tonight.
Anyway, the TS plugin is uploaded to the TFAR channel, download it... click it, restart ts and you're golden.
You can also browse to the @Task_force modfolder, it has a folder in it with the teamspeak plugin.
Yeah, the Plugin is literally using the .exe and then restart TS. Setting up the radio ingame is as easy once you know the 2 steps on how to do it.

I'm in after Formula 1 today. So in about 5 hours I guess?
Is the server up? I can't seem to find it. Maybe i am not accepted into the unit yet?

I think i've done everything needed for the TFAR mod. Do i need any other mods, like the RHS mods?
Server is a Dedi so it should potentially be up.
RHSUSAF and RHSAFRF are mandatory. CBA_A3 aswell I think. It's pretty much needed for most mods out there anyway.
I'm so disappointed I wasn't at least recording when I fired an RPG down a hotel hallway towards a vehicle that approached my location aggressively, but turned out to just be @ElektroVodka! :'(
When we were playing again last night, EV was dropping down with a parachute while TransformerGuyButNotReallyATransformerGuy and I were 1 klick up in the air in an attack helicopter. His parachute looked like a moving vehicle in thermal optics. TransformerGuyButNotReallyATransformerGuy shot his ass on my command.

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