Conan Exiles B2O server discussion thread


Our server is showing up as invalid right now :(

@Noodleguitar, I guess I need to figure that out because when I go to the fishbowl cauldron it isn't an option and says I need an Alchemist thrall. I'll do some more research.
I found myself wedged under my foundation when I logged in though, had to relog (because I didn't want to destroy my foundation and destroy 50 hours of work from this week) and then popped above the foundation, but was stuck in a chest. Managed to put my stuff in the chest, die and fix stuff that way. Also, about 80% of my lights were gone. I've read many thralls got foundation wedged too, just in case you are missing some :)


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Sorry i didn't see this earlier. Drop me a steam msg even when i show offline as it will be picked up by the app, and i'll update/restart (During euro hours)
JFYI I put a thrall in a wheel of pain in camp as I can't cross the water with one on a rope. Also be careful when fighting crocs, I noticed whenever I killed one it would turn into two bodies, but at a certain point fighting a croc crashed my game, and found myself starting over and having to wander half the map to find my body again...


So as per request, I worked on killing some rhinos so people could complete their 'obtain boss head' quest and since the last patch it seems they have a 90% chance of launching across the map.

Okay that is just bizarre :confused: How do you find the bodies?


Looks like another update when I tried to log in and it is loading really slow :( Did someone update the server?


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If there was another update you wouldn't even be able to join the Server.

At this point I wish they'd just roll back to 2 versions ago and do more testing on the latest patch and hotfix, they clearly did nothing but break the game.

This is the worst the game has played since early access.

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