Conan Exiles B2O server discussion thread

I lost a big box of real life money, one minute it was in the front room, then it vanished, in it's place was a flashing sign that said " your box of money is gone due to a conan patch, sorry "

Please replace this for me, the box was very big like this (i am doing a thing with my hands) and it was full of money.


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I found this really cool cove yesterday with all kinds of shipwrecks in it and spend about 90 minutes clearing it out of hostiles.

I actually found one of those lore fragments I think that the possessed guy in Sandswept Ruins was telling me about.


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BTW it sounds like another Hotfix was just deployed so someone may want to check to see if the Server needs updating.

We have new neighbors on the server btw, just a bit to the west of us, towards the croc cave. Three bearded men, fairly new to the game. Talked to one of them for a while, friendly guy :)

I found this interactive map and it seems pretty cool for finding specific stuff.
Yeah, there are actually quite a few of those around. I try to limit their use to a minimum, as I don't want to take away the exploring aspect from the gameplay. Of course, once you've been looking for that level 4 tanner for 3 weeks, it does come in handy, but yeah, I'd rather use hearsay then maps like these for finding out stuff ;)
With pubbies coming in it might be a wise idea to store the "crafting" thralls indoors and not in the market :)
Shame the game doesn't allow you to lock them in place so only clan members can move them. Seems a shame to store them away as they make the marketplace feel "alive".



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Let's not worry about locking up Thralls until such time as Thrall kidnapping becomes an issue.

Personally I think offering to help these newbies level up and complete some of their journey quests is the most healthy way to go.

The point of this Server is to grow the Community so assuming the worst when new people connect isn't the best foot forward in rolling out the welcome mat.


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Somehow it's a little funny how we've tortured many men and women, hacked their families into pieces, have given them nothing but nearly rotten fish to eat, and are worried they might be given a better life by other players :)
lol digital slavers, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

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