Not sure if I am going to be able to make this event. Work is crazy right now. Also had a complete rig overhaul so not sure I want the first race back to be at green hell. Ill try and make it out for practices and such. If I were to drive Id prefer to drive GT3.
Hoping to get back on this week for some practice. Had a mild injury at work where some metal shavings got by my safety glasses and wound up in my eye. Had them dug out over the weekend but vision is still blurry in my left eye, going to give it a few more days.
So, tried the Porsche last week as mentioned and I am still a menace with that car. Took me over an hour to get a time in, which was around 9 minutes flat. I probably need to run the car for a season or two if I ever really want to use it in an endurance event.

On to the AMG GT3: Did a full fuel stint in practice pals tonight. My lap times were around 8:30. I was able to get 8 laps in on a flying start back from the Döttinger Höhe without draft. I was rolling into the pit box on an empty tank, though.
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If I end up having to drive a GT3 car because we don't get enough Porsche drivers, I definitely want to drive the 488. No real desire to drive the AMG except as a lost resort.


I've created the Availability Chart for this race. Please fill in at your earliest convenience.
@Skid_Marc_, I think we have two new guys that want to drive, Rees Wagen and Jason Morlon. I have let them know they should join practice. Rees was on last night. I think both want the AMG if possible and both of them are fairly new to iRacing. Reid is having computer issues and has ordered a new computer but says he likely won't be ready in time for this race.

I think Denis, Christian, Hans, Bedo and myself are a set team for the AMG at this point. Will let you know if anything changes.
Hey guys, we have a new member, Rees Wagan, hopefully he'll introduce himself first and join us for Practice Pals. @Skid_Marc_, can you add Rees to the AMG roll?
And me too!! (Or whereever you can fit me.) Hey Marc, I'm Jason, and met Deb and Bedo through the AMG private lounge, and now here we are. I was pretty excited to find there were some sim drivers in there and have been wanting to get into more league/team driving and competition. Have a lot of years under the belt, and have turned A LOT of laps at the ring so I'm hoping there's a spot somewhere for the 24H. I'm comfortable in the 488GT3 or the MERC, and can add availabilty in the spreadsheet if there's a spot for me to drive.

And hi Ken. Great chat last night while putt putting around germany in the B20 truck. And hi everyone else!. Hope to get to turn some laps and get to know you all. Cheers, Jason


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Welcome Jason @dub_713 ! I've added you to the Availability Chart. Just paint the hours you're available to drive Green, the hours you can't drive Red, and if you have anything that is questionable, you can paint them Yellow.

I use this chart when creating schedules, so the chart is linked in the OP of this thread. Keep an eye on it because it will soon be growing into more than just that chart.
the wheel is good. i've been racing with it for 2 weeks now it think. money well spent!
my only complaint is that there are 2 huge gaps on top for cooling which is just a cookie disaster waiting to happen. ;)
now i'm looking to upgrade my pedals, but i've got no idea where to start.

i'll hop on tonight we can do some laps.

btw, i've added my availability to the chart without breaking the whole thing! yay me!


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now i'm looking to upgrade my pedals, but i've got no idea where to start.
*Rubs hands together*
Well, you unintentionally started in the exact right place!

I mean, pretty much there seems to be one bottom line in sim racing right now;
When you can afford it, you go Heusinkveld, unless you're like me and like having the matched set of Fanatec.

btw, i've added my availability to the chart without breaking the whole thing! yay me!
I saw you rooting around in there... quickly Copy/Pasted a back-up .docx;)


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I added my availability to the chart and stated I can drive at any time but would prefer not to drive after midnight if possible. As always I will do so if required but certainly hoping it's not required.

All I ask @Skid_Marc_ is you please remember I'm pushing 50 and this track makes me tired. Please don't triple stint me and (if possible) keep my stints to singles. Having said that, if double-stinting is the best way to save time in the Pits then I'll do it but I won't like it lol.

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