I'm at work right now and can't edit the availability chart. Can you change the yellow hours at the start to red? I might make it on time. But just to be safe i dont't want to get scheduled there.

I'm visiting a car dealer to get myself an mx-5. :)
This release focuses on fixing specific racing issues.


Race Control

- Fixed an issue with rolling starts at Road Course tracks with a separate start line, where if the green drops in the same 1/60th of a second that the pace car crosses the finish line, all the drivers who had not yet crossed the finish line would become a lap up on the cars who had already crossed the finish line. This is very unlikely to happen at most tracks, but, for example, at Monza last week, the configuration of the start and finish lines and the pit lane are exactly wrong so that the pace car is often exactly at that wrong spot for this bug to occur. Monza is also on many series' schedules for the remainder of the season, so it was important to get this fix out.

Audi R8 LMS GT3

- Slightly increased the toughness of the floor to reduce damage from bottoming.


- Slightly increased the toughness of the floor to reduce damage from bottoming.

Mercedes-AMG GT3

- Slightly increased the toughness of the floor to reduce damage from bottoming.
Dutch servers! woohoo!
there is no way this event can go wrong now

I have done quite a bit of practice but i can't quite get up to your pace @Noodleguitar . I can get around the low 30/31's and to be fair i don't even think that's bad, you're just an alien Noël . I can battle and drive around in traffic safely, but as usual i'm not the most fuel efficient driver. I'll be joining wednesday and friday to drive with you. @Noodleguitar @Fromthenavy
That's pretty good, Sam. I'm also struggling when I still have lots of fuel in the tank, it seems slow then, even though it has grip. To me, it seems like by about lap 4 it suddenly hits a turning point where you can more easily gain time. I'm still chasing an 8:25 though, might be able to get it towards the end of a stint.

Ferrari fuel chart has been updated using the data from @Duke and @LoucMachine .


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Ferrari fuel chart has been updated using the data from @Duke and @LoucMachine .
I noticed you updated the laptime from 13's to 16's but still think that time may be optimistic.

Even at 16's I'm peddling a bit and don't think that's a safe and repeatable laptime for the entirety of the event especially with traffic.

Hopefully the next few days will yield a reliable average laptime because if I were to guess based off where our Drivers currently are I'd put the lap average in the high teens to low 20's.
for @Noodleguitar
just finished a stint and here's what you asked for:

remaining tire tread inner edge 81%
tires felt really slippery/understeering the last 2 laps but that could just be me overdriving the car

average fuel consumption (including out-/inlap) 11,86 L / lap
pretty bad right?

average lap time (excluding out-/inlap) 8:32,930
lap times ranging from 8:34,148 to 8:31,419
laps were driven with moderate traffic
So after a couple test session, I am not going to race the Ferrari for this race. If I had more time it would definitely be a different story. I will hop on TS and chill when im not in the car.
Well I suck and wasn't able to make on last night. Tonight was also a late night and have a few things to finish up, tomorrow I'm going to a Bruins playoff game in Boston so no driving for me until Thursday at the earliest.
@Hydromani why not? The setup Louc made is absolutely awesome. Haven't tried the Audi in a long time now, but liked it the best after the very first patch, anything after, it was ruined.

I made it into sub 20s, but unless I gain some bigger balls, race pace will probably be in the flat 20s for me. Little faster possible, as I keep taking certain corners slower and then realize I can go much faster :D
I'm sitting in the 8:20 flats right now, comfortably, with out over pushing the car. I think I can get in to the 8:18's at a comfortable clip before Saturday. Much more than that and I think I'd be pushing the car too hard and run out of talent on race day.
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