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I'll fill in my availability the end of this week. With my job situation being questionable right now I'm not 100% sure whether or not I'll be able to race as I may have to work instead.


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I just went through everyone's iRating as of today, and I underlined the iRatings (among the GT3 teams) that would give us the best shot of making the same split;

BMW #1: Hans Mohr @ShadniX - 1871

Ferrari #1: Jes Colman @Jes_971 + Matt Holmes @Brainling - 1836
BMW #2: Kelley Grant @Kelley G - 1795
Audi: Anson Bennette @Anson Bennette - 1778
Ferrari #2: Debra Bennett @Deb - 1571
Ferrari #2: All Drivers (@Bedo @Deb @reid ) - 2069

Of course, this assumes that A.) iRacing breaks up the splits "correctly", B.) Our understanding of how iRacing averages iRating is accurate, and C.) everyone here is able to participate and available to register.

On the Porsche side, Davey and Sam are almost identical on iRating and will probably end up in a much higher split with GT3C cars, and Noël... well... he's just gonna do alien-Noël things, so nothing we can do about that..
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I'll fill in my availability the end of this week. With my job situation being questionable right now I'm not 100% sure whether or not I'll be able to race as I may have to work instead.
I went ahead and added Matt to your team, just in case. No offence to @Brainling, but I'm kind of holding him in limbo between the two Ferrari teams until we know which team needs him more!

At least it is the same car... would be awkward if he had to practice the Porsche AND the Ferrari with no idea which one he is driving! :eek:;)


Yeah, I still haven't heard from Reid and I don't even know if he wants to drive the Ferrari, imagine he doesn't care, but I'll let you know when I hear.
I tested the Ferrari last night and it is amazing around Bathurst!!!! I was just using baseline setup and full fuel and was more than pleasantly surprised at how well it gets around that track. Slower than the Merc on the straights but I think you can make up for it in the corners. And the Mercs seemed to be crashing out and I kept tooling around the track. Right now I am faster in the Merc but can't put down as many laps. I think I can get as fast or faster in the Ferrari and keep it on the track. So, I think for me, move me to the Ferrari first, Merc second, same for Bedo.

If anyone has a Bathurst set for the Ferrari or the Merc, please post!
I'm in for the same as above.
Just checking in with Sam to see if he's still interested in running. My schedule is flexible for the race and can run a few stints at a time. I've been running consistent 2:08.9's pushing a little and can settle into 2:09s no problem. Running baseline setup adjusted tyre pressure and one click lower on aero
Porsche is a lot of fun around the mountain I really enjoy it for my first times in the car. Watched a bit of the race yesterday, lot's of safety cars. Anyone see the Bentley splitter blow up on the right hand curb through the chase?


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Is anyone interested in a hosted session? Gonna put one up for 2 hours, starting at 12:30a GMT / 7:30p EST / 4:30p PST, but if people want it for longer, shoot me a message in TS and hopefully I'll catch it before the session goes live...

pw: sheep
Sorry for being so late but i would like to drive the Ferrari. Right now i can drive between 11am EST to 4:30pm EST.... i have to leave for work @ 5PM EST.
@Slider I believe @Kelley G is running in the second of two BMW teams but still waiting confirmation for a partner, right now on the preliminary schedule you are down for both the Audi and BMW. The Set Hans and I are using is in the BMW folder in the file browser on teamspeak.

@afroducks I have added your name to the preliminary schedule along with all the other Ferrari drivers, I think it will be @Skid_Marc_ that will sort the final teams that have not already expressed a preference.
yeah i'm still interested, sry for being so inactive. i have yet to complete a full stint in practice, however i've practiced some and my best time is a 2:07,4. i'm going to put some serious hours in this week. so expect me to be at PP wednesday and friday.

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