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I don't think time is an issue with Ken. If it is then he needs to re-prioritize. I should also mention that as the previous post shows, I now speak on behalf of Ken. I'm his personal spokesperson and any questions and inquiries will be handled by me. He is verbally no longer taking part in this community. He will now only be gracing us with his presence to race endurance events.
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It would be cool if we could get at least a couple of cars in the same split. The Audi and the Ferrari are pretty close if we use the Audi low and the Ferrari high. That's only an 8 point spread.

@Skid_Marc_, the Ferrari schedule is fine with me :)
Has anyone else @Bedo @Anson Bennette got a preference on brake pads? The setup has Low by default, but Medium imo is a little nice for endurance. A little less strain on the leg lap after lap, but I'm okay with whatever.
@Skid_Marc I tried both low and medium brakes and I'm also cool with either. I guess medium may be a happy medium? (bad pun, I know). :rolleyes:

With regard to the setup, I'm cool with the latest change Marc suggested to small +ve rear toe and disconnected ARB. The only change I might consider is an increase in camber by 2 clicks all round. I felt it gave some decent grip in the corners without affecting braking too much. However, I only got to test it for a little over half a stint. The tires felt fine at that point but not sure how they'll feel at the end. If you get chance to try it let me know what u think. That said, the original feels pretty good.
@Skid_Marc_ Schedule looks good, thank you to you and my teammates for making the considerations and adjustments needed so I can go to this birthday that I really don't want to go to. Real life is annoying sometimes.

I'm putting this out there right now with plenty of time. I want to two person Sebring. Would anyone be down for that? I plan on driving the Porsche GTE.
Hey guys. Won't be around tonight however got a lot of time in this morning. Unfortunately power has been spotty due to high winds tonight.

That being said the wind is suppose to die off around midnight. Looking forward to some good racing tomorrow.
Can you share what you have, Bedo? As I said in TS, the negative toe was intentional, for qualifying only, as it allows for a faster time over the mountain in qualifying. It really helps on turn-in.

Too unstable to hold onto for the entire race, obviously. Has anyone else @Bedo @Anson Bennette got a preference on brake pads? The setup has Low by default, but Medium imo is a little nice for endurance. A little less strain on the leg lap after lap, but I'm okay with whatever.
I'll be on later tonight and post it up here. Where is your current/latest set?


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I'm not gonna lie, that was frustrating yesterday. It started with @Jes_971 not being able to drive and continued throughout the day with what seemed like a black cloud of bad luck following us.

A combination of bad luck, bad timing and all around bad driving from many competitors made this event a chore, at least for me.

As usual, everyone handled it with grace and humor but alas this one got to me so I was a bit off yesterday, apologies for my mood.

Great job @Deb and @Brainling for keeping it positive and very much helping keep things light and fun. It is you two that were the extinguisher to my mental fire and I thank you both for it!

As @Jes_971, I just can't apologize enough for you not being able to drive. I honestly felt gutted about it and in reaction have invited all current B2O Drivers to Band of Others Endurance 95.

Please, please, please accept this invitation if you are a current B2O Endurance Driver. If you have not been sent and invite, please apply to the Team and I'll add you immediately.

This Team runs in nearly every event so it's paramount we never run into a situation where a Driver cannot race because he's not accepted a Team invite in time.

Great job all, looking forward to Sebring.
@Kenadian Its no biggy man. Mistakes were made and there is no real blame to be laid at anyones feet. Just a couple of missteps that lead to it. Live and learn. I'm completely and utterly mad at myself. If I would've just woken up at 7am and stayed up instead of laying back down for 15 min. then the whole thing would've been fine. I did the old grab the phone, bring it back to bed with intentions of setting a new alarm for 15 min later then falling asleep with it in my hands before doing so. I wanted to stick around and help with the race in anyway I could but I was just beside myself with disgust at myself. I didn't want that mood to seep into the event so I just stayed away.

I've done this once before for an indoor championship BMX race that I drove 5 hours to get to. Raced my first two motos and missed the third and final moto due to taking a nap from not feeling well (it was like 2 hours between races). I told myself that would never happen again so that kind of added to the misery yesterday that I had let it happen again.

Good job to all teams and drivers for persevering through and getting the job done. Thats probably the toughest endurance event of the year. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and spending time with you all preparing for it.
What a hell of an event! It was like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. It was great to get all three teams in the same split but then we were all gutted to lose Jes through that registration snaffu. Marc then lifted the spirits of the Audi team with a great 3rd pace qualy, but then both us and (especially) then the Ferrari team encountered issues that sent us back down the field.

At one point I thought the entire B2O effort was about to implode, but I was very impressed by how much positivity we were all able to put out in extremely trying circumstances. Personally, I've never been in a more difficult race. The track itself, the extreme track temp changes and racing in VR on a warm and humid Caribbean afternoon, all strained my concentration to the max. A hard brush with the wall just a few laps from the end of my final stint was probably a symptom of being at the end of my rope physically and mentally. I was really gutted about it and the time spent repairing the car, as we had fought our way back to 8th at that point (from 35th I think), and I had to take a few mins off-chat to compose myself. Fortunately, Marc and then, in particular, Bedo drove some amazing stints to give us a top 10 finish (and lift my spirits).

I'd just like to say thanks to Marc and Bedo for being such great teammates, and excellent markers to aim for pace-wise and skill-wise. And to the rest of B2O, I'm honored to share a sim and chat space with you chaps (and Deb ;)). It's amazing the number of laughs we were still able to have, even on such a trying day. Oh yeah, and thanks for the suggestions to make VR more comfortable. Hopefully I can implement them, otherwise I might have to consider doing single stints.

Have a great day all and onto Sebring!

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