Pretty exciting event all in all! Well done to everyone for finishing, really was great to all be in the same split too, really makes things much more enjoyable when you can see things unfold without having to wait for reports. Thanks for all the organisation, it can be really tough getting everything to work together leading up to the event.

Special thanks and congrats to my teamies for the top 5 finish! After that abysmal pace lap I didn't think we would get so high up :) Sebring is next! Not going to lie I have already started practising for this one as I am not really strong on that bumpy old place :D
I'm not gonna lie, that was frustrating yesterday. It started with @Jes_971 not being able to drive and continued throughout the day with what seemed like a black cloud of bad luck following us.

A combination of bad luck, bad timing and all around bad driving from many competitors made this event a chore, at least for me.

As usual, everyone handled it with grace and humor but alas this one got to me so I was a bit off yesterday, apologies for my mood.

Great job @Deb and @Brainling for keeping it positive and very much helping keep things light and fun. It is you two that were the extinguisher to my mental fire and I thank you both for it!

As @Jes_971, I just can't apologize enough for you not being able to drive. I honestly felt gutted about it and in reaction have invited all current B2O Drivers to Band of Others Endurance 95.

Please, please, please accept this invitation if you are a current B2O Endurance Driver. If you have not been sent and invite, please apply to the Team and I'll add you immediately.

This Team runs in nearly every event so it's paramount we never run into a situation where a Driver cannot race because he's not accepted a Team invite in time.

Great job all, looking forward to Sebring.
No matter how grumpy I can sound at 4:30 AM when I drag my almost lifeless husk from bed, driving with you is a privilege and an honor @Kenadian. I have a great time even when our race goes to total shit.

I was gutted as well that @Jes_971 couldn't get in, but he and I have a date with Sebring. It was fun to drive with @Deb for once! She and I don't end up on the same endurance teams often.

I'm always proud of the perseverance everyone at B2O shows. It's easy to pack it up and not drive a beaten and banged car during a race like that, but we always drag it over the line.

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