Teamspeak Issues

Got disconnected twice in 30 minutes from TS this morning and let it auto reconnect. Didn't have anything else stutter or drop and have all my usual internet things open ( steam. origin , iracing , discord , vrs ) so I don't think it was on my end , attaching the error log if it helps.



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Had the same issue twice today. Disconnected from TS briefly, but it didn't effect my Steam, Origin, Ken's Stream, or anything else, and it ALSO didn't effect anyone else in TS, so it was really weird..
Teamspeak just died for me about 5 minutes ago (11:20pm GMT) , is that just me or has it broken?

Edit: NVM it came back up as I made this post :rolleyes:


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I'm not sure it's a Teamspeak issue to be honest. You, Marc and Joe got dropped but the rest of us remained unaffected afaik.

There was no packet loss or any of the precursors I'm used to that indicate there is a Server level issue.

Maybe it's a bad hop?
Could well be that ken, to be honest its so random and it seems to happen to the same people that I don't think we can even replicate it. worth noting though just in case it gets worse or happens more often.


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Absolutely worth noting.

I wonder if maybe it's not a bad idea for you, Zac and Joe to run a tracert the next time you get disconnected to see if there is an issue between you and the TS Server?


Yeah we've seen this before and all we found was that it was a bad hop somewhere.
Mostly too short to even run a tracert unless u use a shortcut preset to do just that.
Not to mention the logs just stating that the player lost connection.


I fecked up, forgot to setup all my accounts on my replacement S8+ and missed the reminder.
Our host happened to be away for a bit as wel so he missed the opportunity to prevent the suspension(which according to him should never happen on any of my subs with him as i'm whitelisted to be a latepayer :p )


Not sure if someone made the "Warframe" and PUBG's "Room 1 and 2" semi permanent on purpose but they got deleted upon boot.

Replaced the channels with perma settings.

Also a big thanks to @Wapwap for taking this months TS payment and having my ass on the downtime


I didn't do nuffin really :p just realized we had a Discord as wel, which currently outperforms TS3...

We might want to look into it again. Also take a look at the members we have on discord compared to TS....
Discord works , it has limits on things like channels and sub channels , but it also has a lot of tools ( and different versions of the same tools that are easier and more modern) where it falls down hard though is something that a lot of people dont come across as so many games are limited by players,

More than 5 or 6 people talking in a channel and the quality goes to shit, not sure if there is a way around this but that would be one thing to figure out. Other thing to keep in mind is the voice activation seems to be the same from 12 inches away as it is from 30 feet. again something to keep in mind for people that are not using PTT.

Worth a look though if those things are not an issue :)


I agree! After several run ins with Discord i've noticed it's well more accessible than TS3 currently. Judging by the responses around the community i don't think we should run into issues.

Aside from crowded times where sometimes the codec starts going a bit wonky.


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