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Bathurst 12 hour qualifying tonight at 7:20pm EST followed up by the top-ten shootout at 12:25am EST.
Saturday (for Australia) Practice, Qualifying & Support category action.
schedule for the entire 4 days below.

The race will be starting sometime around 1:45pm EST

Seriously guys, if your not excited for this race and don't tune in at some point then we can't be friends anymore and you should sell your sim equipment.
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I just watched the Brabham BT62 supercar take some flying laps at Mt. Panorama. it was being driven by Supercars driver Luke Youlden. Unofficial lap time of 1:59. This thing sounds INSANE!!!! A FRIGGIN MONSTER PEOPLE!!!!!!! I've never seen or heard anything so beautiful/scarey in my spectating life. I'm absolutely in love. Sadly the audio is cutting out on the livestream. There should be an upload of it with fixed audio in the near future.

Update: Unofficial lap time from the most recent laps were in the 1:58's. Granted this is the car running uninhibited by any kind of BoP. I don't know how close it is to GT3 or GTwhatever spec but I still find it an amazing car.

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Yeah, this was an interesting race, lots of odd mistakes, penalties on the Merc, what were they thinking :/ Sounds like Engel was really pissed at Paffat, what's up there? Didn't see the end, was too late, had to go to bed.

And thanks, I'll look for that movie.
Did you watch the last hour? If not then put it on your to do list. It was an amazing motor race overall capped by an exciting final hour. Didn't know about the Paffat situation, thanks for the heads up. So much happened in that race it was crazy. Overall race lap count record broken by an insane amount of green flag racing at the mountain.


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Stayed up way to late to watch the last 23-25 minutes of the race, just after Porsche/BMW incident.

Obviously a huge BMW bias here, but, while not ideal, it was last hour of the race. If it had been the first hour or the 8th hour, maybe a penalty, but no way I had an issue with that call with 30 minutes left, especially since neither car died. If anything, I would have considered just swapping the spots back, but then you're just asking for the same thing happening again and another late caution.

The commentator also made a comment to how BMW had been driving all race, and without context I was indifferent... until 3-4 laps after the green came back out, and BMW threw a pretty egregious block. Not bad enough to warrant a penalty, but enough for me to say "...yeah... fuck'em..."

Wanted Aston to hold on, but it became blatantly clear once the Porsche passed the 999 that they weren't gonna make it. Clearly the best driver, car, and tyres, in that sprint situation, won the race, and that is all a fan can hope for.

Also, great job by the 999. After the Porsche passed I thought he was a sitting duck, but in hindsight I think that just shows how good the Porsche was.

The only disappointment for me was the way Nissan handled that ending. I saw the penalty for the 999 on Twitter before I opened the feed, and thought "what a ticky-tacky thing to penalize", but I get it, and it seems like a pretty simple rule to follow....

So what the hell was Nissan doing? I saw him weave after the lights went out, and thought "Stop it...!", but figured that was a grey area (dont know the exact rules..) but then he weaved into the Chase, and then Out of the Chase...

I dont know if it was nerves, but that is where the team needs to step in and reign the driver in. And then they didn't serve the penalty! I dont know if they were hoping for appeal, or if the driver refused, but what a joke to throw away a finish for DQ.

Anyways, I agree with Jes, last hour worth it!
Paffat was driving with Maro Engel this year. The Engel and Gizzy situation was from 2017.

Another topic that makes me laugh:

Heres an idea. Learn the rules and then don't break them. Revolutionary, I know. Don't give me any of this "There are weird rules down under that we're not used to." You're a race car driver, thats your job and passion. There is no excuse to not personally know the rules and also for your team to not have preemptive measures in place to remind you of them.

I get it, mistakes happen and it is upsetting. I only say the above due to drivers complaining that things are unfair or that this happened because of that (avoidable situations).
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Okay, now I'm confused. In the middle of the race, Engel made some pretty strong comments. Thought is was about Paffet but then saw the comments about Van Gisbergen. Anyway, not good in any situation.

Yes, Mann car had two penalties that I saw, not smart. The Nissan did the same weaving mistake later in the race.
They did do a re-account of the whole situation in 2017 on this years broadcast. Including a present day interview with Maro Engel about that situation during this years race. Maybe that threw you off.

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