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Just thought I would share here the results of a "nuke" in DCS.
Only the MiG 21Bis can carry these and has a pretty simple control panel to drop this menace!

Nuke Panel.png

So I found a suitable pilot to get this going.
Nuke on plane.png

Previous tests were done with pretty good results with the RN-28 1 kiloton bomb which had to be launched "over the shoulder" (upside down basically) after a 5g climb to from 1000kph to give the pilot a chance to get clear of the blast, only needed to start from 1500 or so feet from the floor so easy peasy.

Moving on to the 10 Kiloton RN-24 a bit more height was needed but not too much as a lot of speed was lost trying to climb straight up from 20k Feet!
The results from the drop.
Ruh Roh.png

The pilot was nowhere to be seen.....
We now, internally, have a new TDC slew option for the Maverick that does not require the TDC to be depressed while slewing. Once you cease slewing the seeker, the seeker will attempt to lock whatever is the center of the crosshairs. If it can nothing to lock, it will go into break lock mode. In other words, pretty much how it works with the Maverck in the A-10C. It should be available in the next Open Beta. Wags

Hooray for easier Mav's in the Hornet!
The real Quick Silver, Scooter teaching us how to fly passive fighter formation. Finger Four Strong Right, Diamond and Echelon. Break off 5 second interval and rejoin. It includes startup, taxi, take off, the go around on final and landing.

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