DCS World updated

also when you have it downloaded , there is a module manager which should show you all your current content
Thanks man I initially couldn't understand why I couldn't get it and even on the store page it says "buy" but I found the module manager thingy me bob and it said "Flaming Cliffs 3 is ready to install"

EDIT: It is asking for a serial number... umm. Pass? Where would I find that

EDIT 2: This is what frustrates me about this software it's too much of a pain in the ass with all this licensing crap. Yeah yeah I know attention span of a gnat and all that but seriously this is a pain in the ass

EDIT 3: Sorted it but then it crashes as soon as I try and load up FC3... gg
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Okay now I've got it running without crashing I realised I remember absolutely sweet fa about this sim. I loaded up a mission and I don't even know what to do all I see is a map with a load of symbols that mean nothing to me. I do however now remember how long it took me to figure how to even take off in an F-15 so this is going to take me a while if I am even capable of doing it anymore. Not looking good if I can't even get past a frikken map screen lol *boots up rocket league.... ahhhhhhh*
Ok figured out the map issue was becasue FC3 hadn't activated. Done it again and it now works, I'm in an F-15. Yay!

ez start he says - spent the last 10 minutes looking around the cockpit like a gibbon, air traffic controller is starting to get irate with me.


I have no idea what I'm doing.
Quick and I jumped on DCS for a bit yesterday, we blew up a couple of aircraft and maybe some enemy vehicles, we need more people so dust off your HOTAS's (yes that is now a word) guys! :D
Mike and I are in the Havoc 24/7 #1 server , it is a weapons test ground so come and join in :D , unless @ElektroVodka turns up then he can host the capture kobelti mission from yesterday! . we are in TS

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