DCS World updated

We are going to try to capture this damned airport this evening if it kills us !!! ( it will ). We ended in style yesterday with an "apocolypse now " moment in a shower of flames and metal and blood and faeces.

hopefully as many as possible will come join in.
Server going up after 18:00 GMT ( probably more like 18:30 as i need to eat :p )

B2O community server is the name, password is sheep
make sure you have the A-4E downloaded and installed in your save games folder or it will be greyed out !

@Jeeve79 @Kinger @ElektroVodka @Daunt @Kenadian Sneetch and anyone else that has DCS, dunno how many my PC can support but we can find out :p
yes, permission to upload to TS DCS filebrowser.
The Flying Fury, Brutal Deluxe, Elektro Vodka and Death Dealer are ready for upload if i can get the permissions so u guys can put them all in your gamefolder.

xXx:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\Liveries\P-51D
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